The Country stool’s rustic style evokes images of a simple life in a countryside cottage. Available in four colors, the Country is a great way to add a cozy feel to your home. Place a few in the kitchen to create the perfect nook for dining with family and friends. For added comfort, upholster the stools with one of the numerous shades of fabric available. With the Country stool, your home will become a snug gathering spot for guests!

Recommended Retail Price

from 149

Product Details:


Item Number:


440101030045 - Natural

440105030045- Whitel

440102030045 - Black

440112030045 - Cool Gray



Product dimensions:

(H: 45cm - W: 40cm - L:40cm)



Product Composition:


FSC ® - Pine wood

Option 1: Clear laquer (Natural)

Option 2: White

Option 3: Black

Option 4: Cool Gray


Packaging Dimensions:


Colli: #1 (H: 52cm - W: 48cm - L:8cm)

M3: 0.017

Total KG: 3

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