Roadie helps you keep your apartment looking sharp. When folding your bed away you want your room looking clean. Simply stow away your duvets, sheets or blankets in Roadie and keep your room looking neat and tidy. Alternatively, use Roadie also for your laundry… even when carrying it to your moms as Roadies strings are crossed so you can use as a backpack.



Recommended Retail Price

Product Details:


Item Number:

900602602035 - Black/Black

900602603035 - Black/Gray

900601603035 - Natural/Gray


Bag size:

H: 60cm - W: 35cm - L: 35cm


Product Composition:

100% Cotton


Packaging Dimensions:

Colli: #1 (H: 2cm - W: 35cm - L: 60cm)

M3: 0,004

KG: 2