Deco cushion set*

If sofa can be changed just a few times in your life time. Cushions are the right tool to refresh and brighten up your daily life at home whenever there is a need for changes. By decorating your room with just a few cushions even simple sofa can obtain a character, even simple room can become atmospheric and expressive. Set with 2 pcs.

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Product Details:


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Cushion Size:

Small set 25x45cm

Big set 45x45cm


Product Composition**:

Outer cover:

50%Cotton + 50% Polyester




Packaging Dimensions:


TOTAL KG: Small set 2kg, Big set 3kg

M3: Small set - 0,023

M3: Big set - 0,053



*Set consists 2x the same cushion.

**The product compositions can slightly differ for different designs, if you have any questions, contact:

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