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By adding a touch of intuitive magic to every piece of multifunctional furniture we design, we ensure that when you buy one product - you most often get two. Or even three.


In addition, every single Karup product is made by heart and by passion. It therefore embodies the creativity, the curiosity and the courage that have been essential molecules in our brand DNA since 1972. It was Karup then.


It . Still . Is

Karup is a combination of minimalistic Scandinavian design and Japanese futon essence in a core, mainly space saving futon furniture for small, unconventional living spaces: teen rooms, guest rooms, first homes and summer houses. Karup takes advantages of futons and goes right up to the edge to come up with new, unexpected solutions. The result always must be visionary products, never seen on the market before.

A furniture with personality – funky, unique and at the same flexible, reliable and outstand,ing combination of good design and high quality. All products are made with love, solid wood frames from Scandinavian forests and exceptionally handmade futons that always have high-quality fillings. We know that it is the filling that determines the durability and level of comfort of futon furniture, and that is why it never compromises. Functionality is the key value of Karup designs, Sofas by day, beds by night – versatile and functional futon sofa-beds are meant not only for small space owners, but also for people who want to give their home a twist.

Comfort, simplicity and space-saving efficiency are qualities that appeal to young and old alike. The furniture from Karup Design are designed for your first home, the teen-age room, guest room or vacation house.

Karup Design was founded in 1972 by the entrepreneur Preben Christensen. Packed with ideas of how to change the way of producing furniture, he started out in an old farm house. As one of the first producers in Europe of knock-down furniture, the business grew rapidly, and soon he had to find new and more efficient locations for the factory. The production was relocated to the city of Karup, right in the centre of Denmark.

In beginning of the 80’s, Preben discovered the Hippie-type futon frame in America, and believed there was also a marked for this type of furniture in Europe, and that’s how the first series-production of futon frames came alive in Europe.

Today, second generation of the family has taken over the management of the company. Some values, how ever, remain sacred to our company. Our product development, which by the way is still lead by the founder, Preben, is still devoted to the space-saving concept. The main-production of the frames remain at factories in Denmark and Estonia, which makes it so much easier to meet the ethical code of conduct of our company.

Our furniture are sold across the globe. Whether you live in Europe, Japan, Singapore, Middle East or the States, we will be able to find you a dealer in your area.


No matter where you want to add a modern Scandinavian look, pine furniture is the answer. It is as popular as it has ever been, and is less expensive than other wood furniture. Pine furniture is preferred by furniture makers because it is easier to work with and more pliant than most other woods. Solid pine furniture is durable and beautiful, and an excellent value. It will easily add warm, casual and even elegant appeal wherever it is used.

Solid woods are classified as either hardwoods or softwoods, but the description is based on the tree's foliage rather than the strength of the wood. Solid pine furniture is durable and beautiful, and an excellent value. It is light in weight, has straight grains and offers resistance to swelling or shrinking. Pines have been used for centuries to build furniture for both indoor and outdoor use. Solid hardwood furniture like pine can also be repaired if damaged because there is no veneer or artificial surface that can be scraped or rubbed through.

Pine grows quickly and is an inexpensive wood in the production of furniture. Thus, pine furniture can offer excellent value for your money. It is also among the most commonly

finished or painted types of furniture, which means you'll have many finish options to choose from if you purchase your furniture unfinished.

All products from KARUP are also offered with a waterborne lacquered finish such as: Natural, White, Cherry or Wengé coloured.

The quality of pine furniture can vary widely. Although pine is more pliable than most hardwoods, pieces can last for decades if it is constructed well. Therefore it is important to do your homework before making your furniture purchase. Knots should be expected and can be attractive in a piece of furniture, but watch out for knots that create a hole in the furniture. Too many knots can weaken the piece. Manufacturers and sellers of quality pine furniture know this and take care to avoid using and selling such pieces. Although pine is a very sturdy wood, it can easily be dented and scratched (as can cedar and other outdoor-use woods.) Like all woods, pine will warp when exposed to constant humidity or moisture if not finished. When finished, however, it is very stable. Well-crafted pine furniture will be smooth to the touch, solid and sturdy.

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